Vertical Molding Machine

November 30, 2018

This video is an overview of a low volume, vertically over-molded component.

This particular machine has one stationary a-half and two b-halves mounted on a rotary platen for continuous cycle.

Here we are molding yellow polycarbonate over a steel pin to make a finished over-molded component.

First the steel pin is loaded onto the b-half of the mold.

The rotary platen rotates 180 degrees to align with the stationary a-half of the mold. The mold closes and plastic is injected into the cavity and allowed to cool.

During this time the operator is loading another steel pin into the second b-half of the mold to maintain a continuous cycle. When the cooling cycle is complete the mold opens back up and rotates back to the operator where the part is ejected. The operator removes part. Trims off runner system and repeats the process.

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