Cleanroom Manufacturing

Molding, value added, validation and assembly inside AIM’s Plastics 6,000 square foot ISO Class 7 Cleanroom.

AIM Plastics is the premiere medical manufacturer specializing in low-cost prototype tooling backed by quality and validation. Increase your ROI by utilizing the same prototype tool for inital production runs.

Injection Molding

Prototype Tooling

Cleanroom Capabilities

Quality Validation

Prototype Plus™

Prototype Plus™ is the low cost tooling solution that provides customers with the speed and cost of a prototype tool, at the quality level required for production.

Utilizing AIM’s Prototype-Plus™ process, the same tool that provides prototype samples for testing and validation can be used for the initial production run. In many short run and low-volume cases, the same tool can be used for the entire life cycle of the product providing an outstanding return on investment.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

At AIM we are with you every step of the manufacturing process. We are committed to a process that introduces our designers early to ensure a better product at a lower cost.

Case Study:

Manufacturing with Specialized Material

BPA free, all-in-one infant hearing screener (Natus Echo-Screen II®) manufacturing case study

The challenge

Natus Medical set out to create a flame retardant device which was also resistant to aggressive cleansers and disinfectants. The Echo-Screen III hearing screener was originally designed and tooled to use a polycarbonate (PC)/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) alloy. To answer recently emerging customer needs, this global leader in newborn hearing screening solutions established new material requirements for its infant care products which eliminated all bisphenol A or “BPA”. Due to these changes in specifications, the Echo-Screen product could no longer be manufactured in PC/ABS.

The solution

Down load the Natus infant hearing screener case study to learn more about AIM’s role in navigating critical challenges.

AIM is now Medbio, Clinton Township

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